It takes a diverse and progressive team to change the game. Our proprietary personas are one of the tools we use in building effective leadership teams.


Actionable Visionary

Embraces the opportunity that change and disruption bring. Characterised by boldness, driven by clarity not persuasion; lives the vision, enlightens and inspires the agency to follow willingly.


Inclusive Change Agent

By nature, instinctively collaborative and inclusive; walks the floors and understands how to deliver behavioural change management against business strategy. Drives and supports the transition from end to end by bringing everyone together on the journey.


Creative Commercial

Embraces new ways of operating to generate sustainable growth; whether via new business models, pricing, start-up and accelerator partnership and technology application.


Commercial Creative

Understands and champions the power and effectiveness of creative excellence to solve business challenges; driven by creative solutions. Left and right brained, blending art and science.


Beautiful Business Designer

Has an artistic yet rigorous approach to embedding new capabilities aligned seamlessly to the business's growth, enabling teams to work fluidly together.